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Windham PTA Reflections Winners 2018

Over 30 students created their own original “Heroes Around Me” themed piece of Art, Literature, Photography, or Music with minimum or no help from parents or teachers, on their own time, meeting official guidelines. Each qualifying entry was judged by handpicked community members whose passions and expertise matched the category in which they judged. Using the National PTA’s judging rubric, each entry was judged on interpretation of theme, creativity, and technique focusing on how well the student used his or her artistic vision to portray the theme.


Intermediate grades 3-5

1st place: Morgan Yates – “Anyone Can Be A Hero”
2nd place: Eduard Anghel – “Heroes Around Us”
3rd place: Megan Keary – “My Hero”


Middle school grades 6-8

1st place: Kaitlyn Farrin - “A Hidden Hero”
2nd place: Monica Farley – “Why I Admire People In My Town”


Visual Arts

Primary grades K-2

1st place: Annabelle Riley – “Major Mom”
2nd place: Bryce Rogers – “Fiertruck”


Intermediate grades 3-5

1st place: Ewan O’Shea – “Galaxy”
2nd place: Megan Keary - "Dancer"
3rd place: Marek Slomczynski – “The Heroes Around Me”


Middle School grades 6-8

1st place: Tyler Kennedy – “My Hero”

High School grades 9-12

1st place: Isabella Favereau – “Hero’s Honering Hero’s”


Music Composition

Middle school grades 6-8

1st place: Lydia Marden “Stronger Now”


Intermediate grades 3-5

1st place: Grace Hansen “Heroes Around Me: My Friends”