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Upcoming Events


PTA Membership Drive- Help us grow!

August 06- National Night Out, 4-8PM

August 15- BTI- Family Fun Fitness, 6-10PM

August 28- WMS Back to School Night, 5-6PM

August 28- WPS Popsicles with the Principals, 5:30-7PM

Sept. 12 PTA Meeting, Mingle 5:45-6:30, Meeting 6:3-8PM

Please follow us on Facebook at Windham Maine PTA to stay update to date on community events throughout summer!

24-25 Meeting Schedule


Windham Town Hall, Conference Room 1, via Zoom option for current members. 
Meet and Mingle 5:45-6:30
Meeting: 6:30-8PM


September 12

October 10 

November 14

December 12

January 9

February 13

March 13 

April 10 

May 15 * 

June 12

*Second Thursday of every month, except May due to Staff Appreciation Week.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Our Values


  • A collaborative effort between children, staff, families, and community toward achieving common goals.


  • Continuous improvement for everyone at different paces, times, and places.


  • Creating a safe learning environment that honors and celebrates individual differences, strengths, challenges, and ideas with honest dialogue and good intentions.


  • Imaginative thinking that produces innovative ideas, solutions, learning, and new perceptions.

About Windham Maine PTA

Get ready to meet the dynamic Windham Maine Parent Teacher Association (PTA)! This crew is made up of a fantastic blend of parents, teachers, and community leaders all working together to make learning awesome.

The Windham Maine PTA puts its heads together to raise funds for top-notch educational tools and experiences, bringing the community together for social events, and creating a space for exchanging ideas and resources on topics that affect our kids.

Why all this effort? Because the Windham PTA believes that when parents and teachers unite, we create the ultimate learning environment for our children.

Hide and Seek

Join the PTA Team and Make a Difference in Your Community!

Staff and Faculty

Many of you have extensive experience here and can help guide new and evolving PTAs. Your insights on what works, what doesn't, and how to engage students and families are invaluable. Your diverse perspectives on student, staff, and parent needs, desires, and appreciations are highly valued. Your involvement is vital as you play a significant role in decisions that directly affect you.

Let's Come Together for These Incredible Reasons!

  • Explore grant opportunities to enhance student experiences and support learning beyond the school budget for classrooms, teams, and clubs.

  • Contribute insights on upcoming events, past accomplishments, and school news.

  • Shape how the PTA can support students, teachers, and the school community.

  • Stay informed and offer valuable feedback on effective strategies, incentives, and fundraisers.

  • Gain exclusive insights into ongoing activities and strategies to engage staff and faculty in our initiatives.

  • Comprehend the organization's goals, missions, and functions for your benefit.

  • AND... Enjoy all the benefits of membership at no cost!

Parents and Guardians

Are you a superhero balancing work and personal life? We feel you! Our PTA is all about making life easier by offering a variety of schedules that work for everyone. Joining our team means more than just making friends and volunteering. It means you're contributing to your community's growth and your kids' development!

Here's why you should definitely join our squad:


  • Get involved in school activities, meetings, and work with teachers and admins.

  • Know what's going on in the educational system and your child's school life.

  • Strengthen our community- we need your unique perspective to make a difference!

  • PTA doesn't stand for "Parents To Avoid." Promise! 😜

  • You don't have to attend every monthly meeting or volunteer all the time, but any involvement is greatly appreciated!

  • Engage in volunteering opportunities to experience a sense of connection and involvement!​

Hands Holding Wooden Plate

How Do I Get Involved?

Are you curious to learn more and get the inside scoop? Let's meet up for coffee! We are excited to share all the juicy details about any committee or chair position that's piqued your interest. No time to meet in person? No worries! We can have a virtual coffee chat on Zoom.
- Tiffany and Raeann


Community Events
Financial Review


WPS Liaison: Liz Kaplinger, Beth Earle/ Raeann Haggard
Manchester Liaison: Open
WMS Liaison: Open
WHS Liaison: Ernesta Kennedy

Meet the Board!


Tiffany Sinclair


Raeann Haggard


Jessica Peterson


Lynnsey Flynn

Let's Chat

Thanks for reaching out!!

Get In Touch!

Mail: PO Box 6, South Windham, ME 04082


Facebook: WindhamMainePTA

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