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Ways to Support

Volunteer Opportunities

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Donate your bottles and cans!

The Windham PTA has a donation account at Patmans Redemption Center. Simply write "Windham PTA" on the bag(s) and drop off inside to the right. 

Donation of…  Gift Cards ~ Goods ~ Services 

We are big on givebacks, raffles, and appreciation. 

Direct Donation

For those that would prefer to give a monetary donation, this is for you! 100% of your tax-deductible donation will benefit the Windham School community in variety of ways such as directly funding our programs, grants, and events.

Business Spotlight

New this year, we provide an opportunity to advertise your business in our monthly newsletter!

Sponsor an event

Food ~ Service ~ Donation

Events include: free student activities, staff appreciation, community events, holiday support, and more! 

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